Tuesday, March 31, 2009

love and love cards

Hugs and KissesLove is Still ThereHow can I stopYou are my Love for all Time
Your love has given me what I needed to blossom
Everything that you are is what was missing in me
Your love is a precious gift that I cherish
All that I am is because you gave me your heart
all that we can be together
is what I look forward to each day
You are my love today and for all time

Love cards..

Every Second We are ApartA Place called LoveDeep-Burning and UnquenchableTogetherThe Most Wonderful Day of my LifeThe most wonderful day of my life
was when I fell in love with you
A moment that sang my soul free nourished my heart
and became the sweetest sensation that had ever touched
my world Having you share in my life gives me
my courage, my strength and my inspiration everyday
to be a better person
but I want to thank you for the most wonderful contribution of all, the gift of your love
It completes my life in everyway
When I Fell In Love With You It Was Forever

Romantic love cards........

Being with UFeelingsExistenceCream and CoffeeFountain of Love
I only wish to be the fountain of love
From which you drink
Every drop promising eternal passion


Mission ImpossibleI Wish I Would be TearDecisionIgnoranceBecause of you I will
Its hard to explain the fact of Love i have for you
Me not being me is a change in the view of others
I change because of you....and because of you I will
I pray for you more than i pray for myself
I think of you more than i think of myself
I Love you More than i will ever think
of loving anyone one else....I guess
I'm trying to say....BECAUSE OF YOU I WILL!!

Romantic cardsz!!!!!!!!!

When It RainsThe Perfect MatchWith You I Have Found LoveThe Moment I Met YouSomething to Someone
I don't wish to be everything to everyone,
but I would like to be something to someone!

Romantic wallpapers

What I Loved Most About LifeI Guess We Belong TogetherLove is ForeverThose Three WordsDreams Will Come True

Love Cards4u..........

I want you for Always Days Years EternitiesThat Special DayMy Soul is YoursDeeply in Love with you
Loving you is what I've learned so easily
Trying to forget you is the last thing
I could possibly learn because
deeply in love with you!